The candidacy of Stormy Daniels

Stormy Daniels, a former adult entertainment star, is running for Senate in Louisiana.

For U.S. public officials, life in the office and life in the bedroom are one and the same âÄî and the latter, oddly, has the potential to destroy the former. Former U.S. Rep. Vito Fossella painfully admitted last May after a DWI arrest that (gasp) he fathered a child from an extramarital affair. He wonâÄôt be running for re-election. An airport bathroom rendezvous gone wrong put an end to Larry CraigâÄôs career. John Edwards, one of the most impressive Democratic presidential candidates during the camping season, may not be able to successfully run for public office because of an extra-marital affair. For Americans, promiscuity is unpardonable. Enter adult entertainment industry star Stormy Daniels. The Baton Rouge native is vying to run for the U.S. Senate seat in Louisiana for 2010. Her platform has yet to go beyond the clichéd motif of change, but it will be interesting to see whether Louisiana voters give her a chance. While policy is important, voters certainly shouldnâÄôt discount her based on her career as a porn star. And Louisiana has had its share of so-called scandal. The current Republican senator, David Vitter, admitted to involvement with the âÄúD.C. MadamâÄù who ran an infamous prostitution ring in Washington. It was the same tape played through as any sex scandal: The media picked it up, Vitter apologized for the irreparable harm he caused his family and set aside speculation about his involvement with a local prostitution ring. But he can still do his job. Some argue extra-marital trysts and pornographic résumés illustrate unforgivable moral impropriety that disqualifies a person as a public official. That philosophy is nothing but self-righteous whining. Give Stormy Daniels a chance.