Rusty Quarters is asking the Twin Cities for a 1-Up


When we covered the Rusty Quarters Arcade back in November, owners Annie and Sage Spirtos were optimistic that they could bring in the nostolgic masses with more than 35 arcade games and an old fashioned quarter-per-play business model. But six months after opening, the uptown arcade's health bar is at a perilous low.

The husband-and-wife duo have written on the arcade's Facebook page recently about how slow business has been, but things got real last night when they posted a letter saying Rusty Quarters had to raise $3,000 by June 8 or close its doors. The arcade has increased its hours and is accepting PayPal donations, but refuses to charge more than 25 cents per game or establish a cover charge.

So far, Rusty Quarters has raised almost $1,000 but they'll still need a lot more coins before they can afford another life. You can read the letter and donate here.