Defending president ‘Robin Hood’

I have come to expect radical conservative propaganda from Andy Post, and MondayâÄôs column was no different. Post gladly perverts the truth all the while sticking true to his extreme views and wrapping them in the American flag. First, Post claims that President Barack Obama is stealing from the wealthy in the form of tax hikes that will help pay for the budget he has just released. What Post does not tell you is that these tax hikes are simply a reversion of the tax cuts implemented by the Bush administration (implemented during a time of war no doubt, something unprecedented in American history and completely bizarre to most economists) that cut taxes on the extremely wealthy. Furthermore, Post posits: if increased spending and deficits did not work for President George W. Bush, why would Obama think that this approach would change with his administration? The answer is that Obama has tax increases on the wealthy to pay for much of this spending, unlike Bush. It is like conservatives drove the car (our economy) into the ditch and are now complaining on the size of the tow truck (the stimulus bill and the budget outline) to get them out. Jim Gooddfall Abercrombie, North Dakota In his Monday column, Andy Post regurgitates yet another redux of tired talking points critiquing President Barack ObamaâÄôs big bad stimulus plan without offering anything in the way of alternative solutions. I realize that Post is dutifully filling his role as the paperâÄôs resident right-wing voice, but surely with a little effort he could put forth a more productive argument. In his column, Post comically accuses Obama of trying to âÄúrush policies through Congress and past the American people without much discussion.âÄù Has it occurred to the author that the presidentâÄôs efforts to aggressively push legislation may be because of either the dire condition of the economy âÄîleaving little time for inaction or hesitation âÄî and a desire to combat accusations that he is âÄúall talkâÄù or failing to follow up on campaign promises? Results from a CNN poll published the same day as PostâÄôs column indicate an 11-point boost in approval ratings for congressional Democrats since the last poll in December, results which conflict with PostâÄôs outlandish claims of âÄúbuyerâÄôs remorse.âÄù It is a great piece of hypocrisy that this columnist accuses the president of having âÄúlittle faith in the spirit of AmericaâÄôs free marketâÄù when Post himself has shown so little faith in the ability of the American people to know what theyâÄôre doing when they vote for change and for ObamaâÄôs approach to governing this country. Nick Nelson University student