Certify Franken

Minnesota needs two Senators for federal representation.

As Al Franken prepares to fill the second Minnesota Senate seat, Minnesotans are relieved that this debacle is coming to an end. With the news of the judgeâÄôs decision declaring Franken the winner with a 312-vote lead, we have finally had some resolution after the seven-week trial. It will not be quite over, however, if Norm Coleman decides to appeal the decision within 10 days. Coleman should acknowledge it is unjust to keep taxpayers waiting and should surrender the fight. MinnesotaâÄôs other senator, Amy Klobuchar, has been forced to take on double the load for three months as we have all awaited this decision. In simple terms, it is unjust that the other 49 states have two senators and Minnesota has one. Minnesotans should all be outraged that we have gone without representation for this long and demand an end, once and for all. While it seems unlikely that the Minnesota Supreme Court will overturn the three-judge panel decision, it is a looming possibility. However, the judges rejected ColemanâÄôs argument that there were errors in the election process. The three-judge panel justifies its conclusion: âÄúThe overwhelming weight of the evidence indicates that the November 4, 2008 election was conducted fairly, impartially and accurately.âÄù With this decision, it has become clear that ColemanâÄôs cause is not worthy of an appeal. Franken may have won the battle, but heâÄôs not yet a senator. Gov. Tim Pawlenty has not given Franken an election certificate and has stated that he will not do so until âÄúevery legal challenge is exhausted.âÄù Coleman cannot only appeal the decision to the Minnesota Supreme Court, but also at the federal level. By prolonging this battle, however, there will be further delay in seating a senator. Regardless of the chosen candidate, this fight needs to come to an end, because Minnesota needs adequate representation.