Daily Digest: Dylan!

Mike Rose

So, it’s kind of hard to find something NOT election related right now, but I’ll try b/c I’m sure you’ve seen enough of it elsewhere…

*First off, Bob Dylan rocked the U. Let me repeat: BOB DYLAN ROCKED THE U! Yes, it was on election night, so this is a bit politically related, but he is still one of the greatest living musicians in the world AND a Minnesota native AND a former University of Minnesota student (albeit briefly…). Here’s coverage from the Star Tribune. And here’s Dylan’s "Subterranean Homesick Blues" via YouTube. It’s great.

*University researchers have, not too suprisingly, linked high fat dairy and egg products to a higher risk of heart problems. Here’s a snippet of this story being covered by KMPH in Fresno, Calif. And I always thought milk was good for me. You’re a liar, mom!

*Lastly, it kind of got lost in the shuffle a bit last night, but the outdoors/arts constitutional amendment passed, meaning the state sales tax will increase by three-eights of a percent for the next 25 years. Funds from the tax will go to a variety of sources.

And there’s your news, wrapped neatly with a bow.


Mike Rose

City editor