Police should be easier on foreign students

International students are many times not aware of laws that they are breaking.

This is my opinion of University Police. On Oct. 28, around 8:45 p.m., I was waiting boy friend at Nolte Hall. Whenever I have a class late, he drives me to school. Well, he came to pick me up in front of Nolte Hall and we went straight to go to road. At that time, University police officer made us pull over and asked my boy friend for his license. We asked what happened and he just said that “you can’t go to that road unless you’re a truck or school bus.” After he said that, he disappeared with driver license and then came back with $142 ticket.

Shouldn’t police warn us first? Actually, I’m international student. I’m not sure about how U.S. cops work when people make a mistake, but in my experience, police always warn us first or explain our mistake.

I feel very sorry to boy friend about fine of $142 in two seconds of mistake. Actually, he didn’t see the sign when he entered the road and there were not any single cars on the road. There was only us. I understand that road is busy. Also, I agree our mistake. But that kind of sudden happening made us feel bad about University police. There might be people who don’t know the sign well even though people go to University. They can be visitor or family of students. At same time, it was dark, so we might miss the sign and it was just two seconds we used that road.

University police could warn us first and then we could tell others. Sometimes I saw many of cars used that road when cop is not there. There are lots of crimes on the road in University – rape, robbery, fight, etc.

I thought it’s very unfair to charge $142 of fine to people who come to school picking up his girl friend with two second mistake, saying “failure of driver device.” Is there written not seeing sign consider as failing of driver device in the law book? I just want University police little patience. It’s your job, of course I know. If police warn us first and explain more in detail, then my opinion U.S. people might be different. Please understand my misspelling or grammar because I’m not native speaker.

Anna Soojae Moon is a University student. Please send comments to [email protected].