Data recorder recovered from Peru plane crash will be analyzed

covered in the wreckage of a plane that crashed and killed 74 people in Peru is undergoing U.S. analysis, the results of which should be known 10 days, officials said Monday.
Investigators are trying to determine what caused the Peruvian air force plane chartered by Occidental Petroleum to go down May 5 in Peru’s Amazon jungle, near the border with Ecuador.
The Los Angeles-based oil company was shuttling its workers and local contractors from the river port of Iquitos, 620 miles northeast of Lima, to the oil camp of Andoas, 625 miles north of Lima, when the crash occurred.
State investigator Tammer Lopez said the flight recorder, found among the wreckage of the Boeing 737, was sent to the United States for analysis.
Thirteen of the 87 people on board survived.