Debate over Dinkytown ballots at recount trial begins

Cindy Reichert explained the events that led to 133 missing ballots from Dinkytown.

Minneapolis Elections Director Cindy Reichert took the stand at the Senate recount trial Wednesday and began describing the events that lead up to the misplacement of 133 Dinkytown precinct ballots, which were lost between Election Night and the end of the recount. Norm ColemanâÄôs attorney Joe Friedberg began laying the groundwork for his attempt to convince the court to discount the missing 133 ballots, which came from a precinct that favored Franken. Trying to overrule the state canvassing boardâÄôs previous decision, ColemanâÄôs attorneys will argue that since the 133 ballots were missing in the recount, they shouldnâÄôt be included and might have never existed in the first place. âÄúIs there any written indication that [the envelope containing the missing ballots] got to the drop off spot?âÄù Friedberg asked Reichert in court. âÄúThere is not,âÄù said Reichert, who will take the stand again Thursday.