New director joins U to head the Office for University Women

Melinda Rogers

The Office for University Women welcomed its new director with a reception Tuesday afternoon.
Jeanie Taylor was introduced to the University community in the Ski-U-Mah room at the Gateway Center and was given a chance to share her visions for the future as new director of the office.
“I think Jeanie will make a strong impact on the University,” said Anita Rios, coordinator for the Office for University Women. “She’s someone who works collaboratively, and she has the capacity to bring people together.”
Taylor arrived at the University in July after a previous tenure at the University of Illinois. Soon after her arrival, she chaired a committee of women, faculty and students to lead a push for action to better the environment for University women.
“We’re already beginning to see the impact that Jeanie can make,” said Rusty Barcelo, associate vice president of the Office of Multicultural and Academic Affairs. “She works well with diverse groups and we’re excited about the many contributions she will make to the University.”
Taylor will be responsible for a variety of tasks, including working with student and community groups to address issues facing women and minorities who are pursuing a higher education.
“Our office works to improve campus climates for women in higher education and I think that Jeanie is the right person to lead that (mission) at the University of Minnesota,” Rios said.

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