On locally grown foods

Stephanie Payne

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that University Dining Services and a local student organic farm are in talks to provide students more locally grown food. After having watched the movie âÄúFood Inc.âÄù âÄî which I recommend to everyone, as it shows the harsh truths of our agricultural and food system âÄî I know how important it is to use local and, if possible, organic produce. In our country, where our food system is now run by four of five huge food conglomerates, it is good to know our University is supporting the push to use more local produce from local farms. As farmersâÄô markets start to begin their season in the upcoming weeks, I hope all students this summer will make the effort to eat local, healthy foods and be knowledgeable about where the food they eat every day is actually coming from. Stephanie Payne University undergraduate student