Mission 2000-2001: Gophers athletes ready for another year trying to reach top

For most seniors, graduating from high school meant a showering of gifts. Everything from money to bed sheets to a new dictionary for your dorm room was probably given to you.
Chances are, another one of those gifts you pulled from its wrappings was a Minnesota sweatshirt — your first taste of the ugliness of the maroon and gold.
If you were like me you probably thought to yourself, “When will I ever wear this thing?”
Well, after three years at this fine institution — and after wearing out three ugly sweatshirts — I’ve been enlightened with an answer.
Its the perfect apparel in which to cheer on your Gophers!
There are more sports at this school than you can imagine, and they all need you to help sing the Minnesota Rouser (that’s our school’s fight song for all you young freshmen).
I hope this page of the orientation issue about the Minnesota sports scene helps you all realize that ugly sweatshirt will come in very handy…especially at hockey games.
Enjoy, John Carter
(summer sports editor).

Contributing writers: Jim Schortemeyer, Josh Linehan, David La Vaque, Monica Wright and John Carter.
Cover photos: Isaac Brekken (soccer), Michael Stenerson (volleyball), Jayme Halbritter (football), Brekken (hockey) and Nathan Berndt (basketball).