UMN student portal now requires COVID risk acknowledgement

The new feature of the University’s student portal, MyU, now includes an agreement students must confirm before accessing their course materials, schedules and billing information.


A new pop-up appears when University of Minnesota students attempt to access their student portal – one that asks them to agree to pay tuition regardless of mode of instruction.

by Hana Ikramuddin

A new feature of the University of Minnesota’s student portal, MyU, now includes an agreement students must accept before accessing their course materials, schedules and billing information, among other materials.

The notice asks students to acknowledge the risks of attending the University during a pandemic.

“I understand that the novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, is extremely contagious and that there is no guarantee that I or others on campus will not become infected by COVID-19,” the statement reads. ”I acknowledge the risks of COVID-19 and returning to campus, and I will do my part to protect myself and others.”

The notice also requires that students agree to pay fees and tuition – something based on the chance to earn academic credit as opposed to the mode of instruction. The waiver also requires students to acknowledge the University may change the modality of courses during the semester. 

Twin Cities students who are unwilling to “confirm” the waiver have been instructed to contact One Stop Student Services. 

The University has chosen to delay move-in dates for on-campus housing and has moved all undergraduate courses online for the first two weeks of the semester. All fall semester courses are expected to switch to online or remote learning from Nov. 25 to the end of the semester.

In an email sent out to students Wednesday, Executive Vice President and Provost Rachel Croson stated the form is not meant to be a waiver of legal rights. 

“Similar pop-ups have appeared in previous years and asked students to acknowledge information about the upcoming semester,” read the email.

This is a breaking news report. More information may be added as it becomes available.