UMN campus crime update: After spike in crime, Prospect Park returns to usual trend

Southeast Como, Cedar-Riverside and Marcy-Holmes have seen an increase in overall crime compared to July 8-27 last year.


Illustration by Hailee Schievelbein

by Brooke Sheehy

From July 8 to July 27, Southeast Como, Cedar-Riverside and Marcy-Holmes have seen an increase in overall crime compared to last year. Crime in Prospect Park has remained steady.

Crime Trends

This time last year, there were no reported violent crimes in Southeast Como. This year, one violent crime, an aggravated assault, was reported.

Larceny increased from four to seven from the same nearly three-week period last year. Theft from motor vehicles spiked from zero to five. There were no arson incidents reported in 2020, decreasing by one compared to last year. 

Property crime in Southeast Como nearly doubled from 11 crimes last year to 20 crimes this year. 

Likewise, violent crime in Cedar-Riverside almost doubled compared to last year. Eleven incidents were reported this year compared to six last year. Domestic aggravated assault was the sharpest increase, climbing from zero incidents last year to three this year.

Property crime in Cedar-Riverside increased by three incidents, reaching 21 crimes this year compared to the period of July 8 to July 27 last year. Burglaries disappeared this year from four incidents last year. Theft from motor vehicles spiked to six incidents this year following one incident last year.

While overall crime is up in the neighborhood, Marcy-Holmes’ violent crime decreased from 12 incidents between July 8 and 27 last year to nine incidents this year. Aggravated assaults brought violent crime down with a significant decrease from 12 to five incidents. 

Ultimately, property crime contributed to the increase in overall crime in Marcy-Holmes. The neighborhood saw 56 incidents last year climb up to 74 incidents this year. Each category of property crime, excluding arson, increased. Auto theft was the greatest increase, jumping from ten incidents last year to 17 this year.

After an uncharacteristic spike of violent crime in Prospect Park in recent weeks, the neighborhood has seen no change compared to last year in the recent 20-day span. With a total of three violent crimes this year and last year, there were no reported rapes this year compared to the one last year. Whereas there were no robberies reported last year, there was one reported this year. 

Property crime decreased from 30 incidents last year in the nearly three-week span to 24 incidents this year.

Notable Crime

Last Thursday, there was an attempted robbery at 5:20 p.m. near the intersection of Pleasant Street Southeast and Arlington Street Southeast. The suspects knocked the victim and her bike to the ground with their gray Ford Edge SUV. The victim had no serious injuries, and her property was not stolen. The suspects were five young males, somewhere between 17 and 22 years old.