UMN neighborhoods see crime increase compared to beginning of 2020

The Marcy-Holmes, Como, Prospect Park and Cedar Riverside neighborhoods have all seen property and violent crimes over the last month.

The University of Minnesota police department is looking to hire students to help fill gaps in security staffing for Super Bowl events on campus.

Ellen Schmidt, Daily File Photo

The University of Minnesota police department is looking to hire students to help fill gaps in security staffing for Super Bowl events on campus.

Ethan Fine

Several neighborhoods around the University of Minnesota have seen an increase in crimes since the start of 2021 compared to the same window in 2020, according to data from the Minneapolis Police Department.

Both violent and property crimes in the Marcy-Holmes and Prospect Park neighborhoods are at a five-year high. Cedar-Riverside has declined in crime, while Como has remained steady in violent crimes and increased in property crimes.

“When we have people under stress and strain, all of which have happened during the pandemic, we probably see a rise in crime,” said Marcus Mills, a former Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Association Executive Board member. “If you compare the year so far to the year before, you’re going to find massive increases in crime and all kinds of hardships.”

As of Feb. 16, Marcy-Holmes has reported 22 violent crimes since Jan. 1. This is an increase from this time last year, when the neighborhood reported only eight violent crimes. The neighborhood has 70 more property crimes than last year at this time, with a total of 128 property crimes since Jan. 1, according to MPD’s data dashboard.

“When you get people who feel isolated and people who are facing regular exposure to potentially life-threatening circumstances, the idea that some people hit breaking points sooner than they would ordinarily doesn’t strike me as odd,” Mills said.

Since the start of 2021, violent crime in Prospect Park has more than doubled from this time last year, with 11 reported since Jan. 1. Prospect Park has reported 28 more property crimes than last year, with 73 in 2021.

Cedar-Riverside, however, has reported 12 violent crimes so far this year, a 33% decrease since the previous year and slightly fewer property crimes compared to last year.

Como saw 10 reported violent crimes in 2021, a slight increase from last year at this time. However, the neighborhood almost doubled in property crime from last year, with 50 incidents.

The Southeast Como Improvement Association (SECIA) has taken action against this increase in crimes by creating the Como Cares Team, a public safety group.

“The focus of the team is to build community and collectively work to meet the basic needs of neighbors,” said Cody Hoerning, SECIA treasurer. “Research indicates that strong communities, in which community members can rally around and support those in need, reduce the overall incidence of crime.”

Notable crimes

There have been two shootings in Dinkytown within the Marcy-Holmes neighborhood since Jan. 1. The first occurred just three hours into the New Year, while the second took place Jan. 30.

Both shootings took place on the 1400 block of Sixth Street Southeast.

There was also an armed robbery near Dinkytown on Jan. 11., and another in Stadium Village on Jan. 28.