Six things our A&E writers are loving this week

Jump into the week with six weekly faves.

by A&E Staff

What’s on the radars of Minnesota Daily’s art and entertainment writers? Read to find out.

Graze Provisions + Libations: You’re looking for a great spot to grab some food, maybe a drink or two, located in a great location with an amazing patio? Look no further than Graze Provisions + Libations. Graze, located in Minneapolis’s North Loop, is set up cafeteria-style and offers six different local restaurant stalls, two full bars, one coffee and wine bar, an upstairs patio and a dog-friendly outdoor lawn equipped with bonfire pits and corn hole. During the day, the restaurant mimics a college dining hall filled with swing chairs and pillow-covered nooks. Once the moon comes out, the two-leveled restaurant turns into the perfect place to grab a drink, hang out with friends or head to one of the endless nighttime options that the North Loop has to offer. Yes. It is that cool. – Carly Quast

The Bell Museum: The natural history museum located on the University’s St. Paul campus is seriously underrated. If you’re looking for some cloudy day entertainment, you could easily kill a few hours exploring the gallery exhibits on birds, space and evolution. Plus, admission is waived for University students. The Bell Museum makes it easy for all ages to have a good time and learn something new. My favorite displays showed off colorful butterflies, giant beetles and stick insects the size of my forearm. I also got to pet a tarantula, which was pretty cool too. – Sarah Horner

MILOE Concert and Conversation: Miloe is a local 21-year-old Congolese singer and instrumentalist. On Friday, he performed at the Cedar Cultural Center in partnership with Alliance Française Mpls/St. Paul, a nonprofit promoting French language and culture in the Twin Cities. The event featured a concert in which Miloe debuted a new song and a discussion and Q+A session led by some local journalists. Miloe’s goal is to host more shows this year, so definitely be on the lookout for tickets! – Panache Matemba

“Nathan For You”: How does a body builder lying about a childhood friendship with Steve Jobs help a moving company stay profitable? A slippery slope of unconventional marketing ideas is how. Nathan Fielder, the host of “Nathan For You,” specializes in helping struggling businesses through unorthodox methods. In the world Fielder creates, everything makes sense, which makes the nonsense reality of the situation comedic gold. It’s hard to capture Fielder’s bizarre trains of thought in a blurb because of how dense the episodes are. Miss a couple scenes, and you’ll have no idea how baboons kidnapping a kid relates to keeping that moving company afloat. There is an explanation, but only Fielder can tell it with a straight face. – Leo Witzke

“William” by Graveyard Club: The Twin Cities-based, synth, dreampop-rock crooners have my moody, spooky heart in a chokehold with their third album, “Goodnight Paradise,” released in 2019. “William” in particular holds haunting harmonies and a melody that sounds like it came straight from a morally gray scene from Twin Peaks. It’s retro in a way that’s unplaceable, and utterly addictive. Though I’ve only discovered them recently, I can’t wait to hear their next album, “Moonflower,” coming out this June. – Bel Moran

“Black Dog” by Arlo Parks: I recently discovered Arlo Parks while attending Clairo’s concert. Parks was the opening act and I immediately fell in love with her heavenly voice. While I enjoy all of her content, “Black Dog” moved me. The song revolves around Parks’ partner, who is suffering from depression, making it hard for them to do simple tasks like going to the grocery store and even getting out of bed. In lines like “I would do anything to get you out of your room,” the listener can hear Parks wishing she could do more to help. Throughout the song, an upbeat sound coming mostly from a bass guitar can be heard that gives an optimistic, pensive tune. – Harry Madden