Opinion: Vote for Blaha for state auditor

Reelect State Auditor Julie Blaha on Tuesday to protect our freedom to make local decisions.

by Jake Miller

Let’s keep politics and lies out of the Office of the State Auditor (OSA) and reelect Julie Blaha for State Auditor.

Auditor Blaha oversees more than $60 billion, mostly in local government spending. During her time in office, she’s proven to Minneostans that she’ll keep their tax dollars protected. She’s found over $4 million in government fraud and prevented over $549 million in budget errors through audits. She’s also helped increase funds that support our public pensions by over $30 billion as a member of the State Board of Investment.

Auditor Blaha knows the goal of oversight is to protect our freedom to make local decisions.

Minnesotans need this freedom protected because it’s these decisions we make close to home that keep the streets plowed in the winter and graded in the summer. Auditor Blaha’s been protecting our freedom to make local decisions by transforming the OSA: Building bridges, connecting the data to neighbors and local leaders and making the data more accessible by revamping the OSA’s communications.

Her opponent, Ryan Wilson, has a history of partisan politics that we should be worried he’ll bring into the OSA. In law school, he was Federalist Society Chapter President and said in a questionnaire that he supports banning abortion after six weeks. He also bragged to Liberty Tea Party Patriots about chasing after an election judge while working as an election lawyer for former President Donald Trump. And continuously throughout the campaign, he’s been lying to Minnesotans, trying to confuse them by bringing up issues under the Legislative Auditor’s jurisdiction.

Let’s keep Wilson’s politics and lies out of the OSA, and reelect Julie Blaha for State Auditor to have our tax dollars and freedom to make local decisions protected.

Jake Miller is a Hudsonite and former football player attending the University of Minnesota and working in local politics.