Review: Boludo brings spectacular Argentinian-style pizza to Como

The regional chain’s new location in Como makes for the best restaurant in the neighborhood.


Image by Ethan Lambert

Boludo’s Argentinian-style Margarita pizza is made with fresh mozzarella, basil and San Marzano tomato sauce. Boludo also has a variety of empanadas, salads and desserts.

by Ethan Lambert

Boludo has met the demand for a pizza restaurant in Como — it is the best pizza you can get near campus.

The quickly expanding Argentinian-style pizza chain opened on Southeast Como Avenue in February. In addition to the Como location, Boludo also opened a location in Uptown, with a total of four regional operating locations.

With the chain’s recent expansion, Boludo has generated a lot of hype in the Twin Cities food community.

After finally trying their signature Argentinian-style pizza myself, I can say all the buzz this chain is getting is warranted. The pizza is incredible, easily the best within the greater University of Minnesota community area.

The Como location is small, fitting about 20 seats, all of which are close together and are mostly at counters. Boludo offers takeout, so anyone dissuaded by the close-quarters seating can still enjoy the chain’s “taste of Buenos Aires.”

However, Boludo prioritizes the dine-in experience. In addition to their food, Boludo has a variety of alcoholic and THC drinks for dine-in customers. The bar menu emphasizes options from Argentina, Mexico and Italy.

In addition to pizzas, Boludo’s food menu has six different kinds of empanadas, plus a couple of salads and desserts.

I tried their margarita pizza, made with fresh mozzarella, basil and San Marzano tomato sauce.

Even before taking the first bite, I could tell the chain puts a lot of thought into the presentation of their food. With an almost overindulgent amount of shredded Parmesan, the pizza had a presentation one might expect from a more formal establishment, as opposed to Boludo’s fast-casual setup.

The margarita pizza was the best meal I have ever had on Como Avenue. The pizza was flavorful, salty (but not too salty) from both the seasoning and the plentiful amount of cheese added to the pizza (again, not too plentiful either). The San Marzano contrasted the other flavors beautifully by bringing just a hint of sweetness to the pizza. Boludo found the perfect balance of savory and sweet with this dish.

Boludo has no food for vegan or lactose intolerant eaters (cheese is in everything!), but they offer plenty of vegetarian options. Customers can make their meal gluten-free for an upcharge.

The one downside of Boludo that will probably be the biggest deterrent to University students is the price. While the pizza is certainly high quality and tastes amazing, the margarita pizza costs $17, and the pizza isn’t that large either. That being said, if you are willing to spend extra for a great-tasting pizza, you will not be disappointed with Boludo.