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Comedian Kurt Braunohler, who will be headlining Acme Comedy Club through Saturday.

Constant comedy

Austen Macalus
April 26, 2016

Kurt Braunohler is just about everywhere. He lends his voice to characters on the hit show “Bob’s Burgers,” hosts a weekly comedy showcase and performs stand-up on a variety of late night...

Comedian Mary Mack who will performing in

Let’s see how this goes

Austen Macalus
April 19, 2016

Stand-up comedy is difficult in its own right. It takes writing, revising and rehearsing — even then, a performance can go badly.     Chicago comedian Tim Slagle decided to raise these...

Pat Susmilch

Validation after all these years

Austen Macalus
April 14, 2016

Local comedian Patrick Susmilch’s stand-up routines are basically an attempt to win approval — he jokes about getting on stage and just yelling “Validate me!”     “That’s...

Comedian Emily Galati

Quick on the draw

Austen Macalus
April 12, 2016

Phoenix native Emily Galati moved to Chicago to attend graduate school and perform improv. She now does neither.      She’s an established stand-up comedian who performs around the...

Left to right, Ryan Lear, Mike Fotis and Jason Ballweber of Four Humors Comedy Theater rehearse We Gotta Cheer Up Gary in the Southern Theater on Wednesday night. The show runs from April 8-22.

Don’t worry, be happy

Danylo Loutchko
April 7, 2016

Four Humors Theater’s “We Gotta Cheer Up Gary” centers on a strange bureaucratic social service in charge of cheering people up in one-on-one appointments.      In the...

Comedian Shane Mauss will perform at Acme Comedy Company on Tuesday. He's touring behind his latest special,

Getting the giggles

Jared Hemming
April 5, 2016

Comedian Shane Mauss does a fair amount of drugs, but he doesn’t like the moniker “drug guy.”     The stand-up comedian wasn’t even high the first time he developed his...

Tommy Ryman

Up close and personal

Austen Macalus
March 31, 2016

From behind thick tortoise-framed glasses and underneath a head of wavy auburn hair, Tommy Ryman has no problem admitting he can only do one pull-up.     By accenting his physical looks and...

Local sketch comedy group LESTARIL works on an upcoming video on Sunday.

Sketch in the city

Austen Macalus
March 22, 2016

Sketch comedy is changing its form in Minneapolis.     A longtime hotbed of humor, the city boasts an impressive collection of comedians dedicated to open mics, improv and weekly stand-up showcases.     However,...

Comedy and controversy

Austen Macalus
March 10, 2016

With a penchant for anything anti-authoritarian, a casual disregard for creating controversy and a steady diet of ’90s cartoons, comedian Justin Colucci is familiar to anyone who went to high school...

Local comedian Robert Fones performs at an open mic at the Comedy Corner Underground on West Bank on Friday night.

Humor with humility

Austen Macalus
February 23, 2016

When he accidentally referred to his routine as “art,” comedian Robert Fones shook his head in embarrassment, half-joking, “God that sounded arrogant.”     Even though...