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Perils of Pauline

Monica LaBelle

October 3, 2002

At the edge of a forest, dark-haired and delicate-faced Pauline runs after Marcelle, her heartbroken and slightly homelier friend, to comfort her. Marcelle was abandoned by her suitor. Though Pauline suggests at the beginning of Les Destinées that Marcelle is her dear friend, as the movie pro...

The Spirit Is Willing

Max Sparber

September 26, 2002

Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki, lately of the film Spirited Away (currently showing at the Uptown Theater) is a greatly ambiguous filmmaker, and I adore him for it. American films sometimes seem to exist in a preposterously moral universe, where characters are defined, melodramatically, by being ess...

No god, no master

Niels Strandskov

September 12, 2002

It is difficult to watch Siddhartha in 2002, given that in the 30 years since its release, the central myth of the movie ñ that of a seeker of spiritual understanding ñ has gone from hot new idea to tired stand-up comic fodder. While 1972 audiences for Conrad Rooks' version of Hermann Hesse's 1922 no...

Wild Manchester nights

Niels Strandskov

September 12, 2002

As an account of the transformation of England's most notorious industrial wasteland into a global dance music mecca, Michael Winterbottom's 24 Hour Party People is far from exhaustive. Although billed as a candid look into the Manchester music scene in the late '70s and early '80s, the film only br...

Dull Dot Net Backslash Yawn

Niels Strandskov

September 5, 2002

Fear Dot Com raises the question: When will America’s love affair with serial killer pictures finally end? The genre’s pretty full at this point. Hollywood has worked through every obvious gimmick and explored every facile motivation for committing lurid acts of violence against women. Th...