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Minnesota children return to their roots

Isabella Romano
October 1, 2015

July 2013 was a month of firsts for Jessica, a 14-year-old first-generation Guatemalan-American from Worthington, Minn. It was her first time on a plane, her first time going to Guatemala and her first...

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival founder Al Milgrom poses at Espresso Royale on Thursday afternoon. Milgrom's documentary

There’s a Riot Goin’ On

Grant Tillery
April 9, 2015

While making his rounds in Dinkytown, local independent filmmaker Al Milgrom, 92, stopped at a campus luxury apartment complex to discuss his latest film, âÄúThe Dinkytown Uprising,âÄù...

University of Minnesota graduate Justin Schell works on finishing touches to his documentary

Hip-hop without borders

Jackie Renzetti
February 5, 2015

University of Minnesota Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature graduate school alum Justin Schell traveled across the globe for his Ph.D. dissertation. When he got back, he found that he couldn’t...

 Alex J. Berliner/AB Images for Paramount Pictures

Q&A: Hans Zimmer

Laini Devin
November 20, 2014

Hans Zimmer’s musical vocabulary is one without words, and one that he described as mysterious and personal. His latest film score comes in “Interstellar,” Christopher Nolan’s feature...

Q&A with Joshua Oppenheimer: Grappling with “The Act of Killing”

Joe Kellen
March 6, 2014

Anwar Congo, an active member of the paramilitary organization Pemuda Pancasila in Indonesia, didn’t hesitate to appear in the Oscar-nominated “The Act of Killing.” Widely favored to...

The African connection

Thomas Q. Johnson
November 14, 2013

For many years, African cinema was left in its infancy, held back by arcane laws and practices steeped in bigotry like the French “Laval Decree,” which sought to limit the role Africans played...

Something for everyone Underground

Callie Sacarelos
October 3, 2013

The director of the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival is expecting attendance to double this year. But bigger crowds and increased publicity won’t bring the festival into the mainstream. “It’s...

Derek Mears is more than growls and machetes.

Derek Mears at ComedySportz

Spencer Doar
September 26, 2013

Nearly 25 years ago, Derek Mears was just a scrawny Californian high-schooler dreading a field trip to a nearby ComedySportz performance.  Little did he know, that trip would begin his evolution into...

Communications junior Marty Davis fixes the lighting in preparation for a film class on Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013, at Rarig Center.

Film students look for a home

Emily Eveland
September 12, 2013

Elizabeth Habib decided that she wanted to be a TV producer during her freshman year at the University of Minnesota. She knew of two departments offering production courses: com­munication studies...

Quiz: Your perfect fall TV show

Sarah Harper
September 5, 2013

This upcoming TV season is one of the most promising in recent years, especially in the realm of comedy. Some heavy-hitters are making triumphant returns (we hope) — “The Mindy Project”...