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For Spoon, Less Is More Is True

Dave Dorman

October 10, 2002

After five years of record label nightmares and mediocre albums, the Austin, Texas-based Spoon has landed on its feet. Now signed to indie mainstay Merge, the major label castoffs have secured their "indie cred" and released a damn fine album all in the span of a year. Kill the Moonlight is meticulously ...

He the Deejay

Tom Horgen

October 10, 2002

El-P and his Def Jux monolith hovered over Minneapolis several weeks ago. But underground hip hop has felt this looming presence for more than a year. Since mid-2001, when El-P introduced Cannibal Ox to planet Earth, his Def Jux label has been bombarding hip hop with new sounds and new voices. The li...

Beck in the High-Life

Lyndsey Thomas

October 3, 2002

The life of Beck Hansen reads like a tall tale and could very well be remembered as one. The story of his adventures will be passed down from generation to generation, like those of Paul Bunyan and Johnny Appleseed. Critics will be hushed as our brave hero outwits the villainous one-hit-wonder. Children wi...

A Band without a Decent Tragedy

Kari Petrie

September 26, 2002

The Rakes are a band that likes to play rock music, drink beer and play loud. And that's about as interesting as they get. Not to say that the Rakes are a bad band, because they aren't. It is just they fit into nearly every rock cliche you have ever heard: They want to bring back rock (though it's uncl...

String-Busting Rock at The Quest

Geoffrey Ziezulewicz

September 26, 2002

It is a fine example of the illogic of the music industry machine that 93X talked up the fuzz-box rock of California's Queens of the Stone Age for weeks prior to their show, yet rarely if ever played them. This was also true of their opener, the moody, grinding, guitar-driven And You Will Know Us by...

Billie Joe loves The Crush

Nathan Hall

September 19, 2002

Local punkers take note: Schmoozing with Billie Joe Armstrong is definitely beneficial to your health. Since the Green Day front man semi-migrated to the land of 10,000 lakes to follow his sweetheart, things are looking quite a bit rosier for Twin City hopefuls. Case in point: maudlin hardcore outfit Th...

Slug loves Christina Ricci

Tom Horgen

September 19, 2002

From Felt: A Tribute to Christina Ricci's opening thunder, Murs lays it down. He punches your eardrum and adjudicates, "This is goddamn American rap music." This is hip-hop. But Slug is co-starring, which means emotional conundrums, self-therapy and critics yelling "emo-hop." And while Felt does offer ...

Skating rink soul from Erik Appelwick

Lyndsey Thomas

September 12, 2002

There is plenty of the usual, boring background stuff that Erik Appelwick is sick of talking about. But there are also plenty of Minnesotans who don't know his music. Once he was convinced that the basic essentials of his story are really essential, Appelwick divulged the following info about his on...

Sounding like Motley Crue, FRB is no TMBG

September 5, 2002

If there is one cardinal rule within hair rock, it would have to be the following: "Thou shalt never do anything half assed." So it is exceedingly perplexingly that if locals Fine Red Brown would go to all the trouble of ripping off Motley Crue wholesale, but they would then draw the line at stocking up...

Looking Backwards towards the Basic Blues

Brianna Riplinger

September 5, 2002

Lately I've been mulling over this relevant Jimi Hendrix quote: "Blues is a part of America. When music goes too far out and is in danger of becoming a technique, people always come back to basic honesty ... The blues will never die." "Basic honesty," is what I keep coming back to. I think that's wh...