The Minnesota Daily

Billie Joe loves The Crush

Nathan Hall
September 19, 2002

Local punkers take note: Schmoozing with Billie Joe Armstrong is definitely beneficial to your health. Since the Green Day front man semi-migrated to the land of 10,000 lakes to follow his sweetheart,...

Slug loves Christina Ricci

Tom Horgen
September 19, 2002

From Felt: A Tribute to Christina Ricci's opening thunder, Murs lays it down. He punches your eardrum and adjudicates, "This is goddamn American rap music." This is hip-hop. But Slug is co-starring, which...

Skating rink soul from Erik Appelwick

Lyndsey Thomas
September 12, 2002

There is plenty of the usual, boring background stuff that Erik Appelwick is sick of talking about. But there are also plenty of Minnesotans who don't know his music. Once he was convinced that the basic...

Sounding like Motley Crue, FRB is no TMBG

September 5, 2002

If there is one cardinal rule within hair rock, it would have to be the following: "Thou shalt never do anything half assed." So it is exceedingly perplexingly that if locals Fine Red Brown would go to...

Looking Backwards towards the Basic Blues

Brianna Riplinger
September 5, 2002

Lately I've been mulling over this relevant Jimi Hendrix quote: "Blues is a part of America. When music goes too far out and is in danger of becoming a technique, people always come back to basic honesty...

Sparta’s Wiretap Scars is Hard to Ignore

September 5, 2002

On Wiretap Scars, Sparta's first full-length, the band blazes through twelve well-crafted songs bound tightly together with grinding guitars, thundering drums and poetic lyrics that might not put the At...