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Morrill Hall as seen on Saturday, Oct. 12.

New task force will address abusive faculty after push from graduate student government

Nathanael Ashton-Piper
April 29, 2021
A graduate student petition called for forming a body consisting of graduate students, faculty, relevant staff and administrators to address abusive faculty behavior.
Gallery: Emotions erupt in Minneapolis following guilty verdicts in Chauvin trial

Gallery: Emotions erupt in Minneapolis following guilty verdicts in Chauvin trial

Community members and activists celebrate outside of Hennepin County Government Center and in George Floyd Square following the announcement of guilty verdicts on all counts in the trial of former Police Officer Derek Chauvin on Tuesday, April 20
Brendan Kishketon, Director of the Ojibwe Language Department at the University of Minnesota, poses in front of Radius Apartments on Thursday, March 25. Kishketon had the vision to create the Ojibwe Immersion House that launched last year, which influenced the development of the Dakota Language House launching Fall 2021.

New Dakota Language House will open for students in fall 2021

Katelyn Vue
March 27, 2021
The Dakota Language Program’s Living Learning Community will be housed in the Radius Apartments in Dinkytown.
A community advisor poses for an anonymous portrait outside of Coffman Memorial Union on Tuesday, March 2.

In the dorms and in the dark: a semester of uncertainty for students in residence halls

Erin Wilson and Sammy Caldwell
March 24, 2021
Last fall, residents and CAs grappled with what they said was a lack of communication and worries about whether they were safe. Now, they wonder what the rest of spring semester holds.
Musab Hussein, a Carlson School of Management student, was denied access to a laptop rental in early March.

‘I’ve never really felt like I belong’: Carlson student says staff member racially profiled him

Izzy Teitelbaum
March 23, 2021
An employee at the Hanson Hall lab denied Musab Hussein a laptop rental, gave him and his brother the middle finger and called security on them on March 1.
Official Spring 2021 Toledo program picture, courtesy of Lauren Huspeni

Last spring, there were 1,075 UMN students abroad. This semester, there are 28.

Sonja Kleven, Campus Administration Reporter
March 19, 2021
After being suspended for two terms, five programs now have students abroad, which program directors consider an accomplishment during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Bones, left, and Ro, right, pose for a photo outside the Dinkytown Target on Jan. 25. Bones, 64, has been dealing with housing insecurity for almost 45 years; Ro, 53, has faced housing insecurity for five to 10 years.

Limited COVID-19 cases counted among Twin Cities’ homeless population

Maia Irvin
February 18, 2021
Twin Cities homeless shelters found that residents are not testing positive for COVID-19 in the mass numbers they originally anticipated. The bigger risk is the staff.
‘Disorders of disconnect’: How the pandemic affects students with eating disorders

‘Disorders of disconnect’: How the pandemic affects students with eating disorders

Izzy Teitelbaum, Campus Administration Reporter
February 14, 2021
The pandemic has intensified challenges for students managing eating disorders.
An old photo of Gregorio Montejo sits on the floor of the family’s apartment in Mankato, Minn. on Sunday, Nov. 22.

Over one year later, the Montejo family perseveres after deportation of father

Katelyn Vue
November 25, 2020
One year since Gregorio Montejo’s arrest, the Montejo family deals with the aftermath of his ICE detainment and deportation.
The George Floyd Memorial Square as pictured on Election night on Tuesday Nov. 3.

Winter descends on George Floyd Square

Samantha Woodward
November 16, 2020
As snow falls, temperatures drop and winter approaches, the community dedicated to memorializing 38th Street and Chicago Avenue is not going anywhere anytime soon.