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UMN officials push to find upperclassmen living accommodations

UMN officials push to find upperclassmen living accommodations

Nick Wicker and Brian Edwards

April 1, 2016

Though they bonded in freshman dorms, the four friends couldn’t wait to move into a place of their own off campus.First-year students Grant Zastoupil, Laurel Darling, Alex Mickelson and Alison Gould —  who belong to one of the University’s largest freshman classes — met in Septem...

Though a quarter of young adults experience daily pain, research is slim

Vee Livermore, who suffers from chronic migraines, drapes their bed with a chemistry-themed blanket. They point to the element Livermorium, named after a distant relative from England.

Jessie Bekker

March 25, 2016

Aching muscles were no more than background noise to Claire Stephens until the pain started to creep into her wrists.Stephens, then a music education first-year at Winona State University, worried that daily violin practice could be inducing the pangs.One year later, she set down the instrument for g...

Despite holes in process, universities nationwide continue use of search firms

Despite holes in process, universities nationwide continue use of search firms

Youssef Rddad and Brian Edwards

March 11, 2016

Finding an executive-level administrator to fill an open position at a university comes at a cost.Some officials say schools lack means to conduct large-scale searches to find the perfect fit, which can take months and lag on for even longer if candidates don’t accept an offer.So nationwide, college...

Every day, every hour

During a post-practice sparring match, redshirt freshman Skyler Petry, left, and junior Sam Brancale wrestle

Liam James Doyle

March 4, 2016

By the end of wrestling practice, the Gophers’ basement training area is limp from exhaustion. Its cushioned floor is slick with sweat smears, and only the athletes’ jagged panting can slice through the thick, muggy air.The 90-minute practices are only part of a daily grind for the University of Minnes...

Searching for Care

Clockwise from top left, University students Sammy Miller, Ravyn Braun, Jordan Pinneke and Teddy Skillings sit posed in respective locations on campus. Each having their own unique and varied experiences, these individuals are no strangers to the very real obstacles and challenges associated with mental illness.

Haley Hansen

February 12, 2016

Sammy Miller found herself struggling to shake intrusive thoughts of suicide in her dorm room one night during her freshman year.Diagnosed with depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder, Miller knew what was happening. She called her therapist, who urged her to hand over her antidepressants to the bu...

UMN takes lead in breeding nation’s wine grapes

Jenny Thull, University of Minnesota Horticulture Research Center vineyard manager, picks grapes rich in color at the University's vineyard in Excelsior, Oct. 1. Jenny and her husband, John Thull, also a vineyard manager, oversee the school's grape breeding program's 11 acres of research vineyards.

Jessie Bekker

December 4, 2015

One out of 10,000 vines fruits a cotton-candy-flavored grape.Another produces a grape with a pineapple tang, and a certain dud vaguely tastes of green bell pepper.Through years of testing, hands-on labor and patience, grapes grown at the University of Minnesota’s Horticulture Research Center in Excels...