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No strike, but new stadiums still don’t top Legislature’s priorities

September 3, 2002

ABy Libby George and Andrew Pritchard lthough Major League Baseball players will not strike this year, the Twins may strike out if they ask the state Legislature for stadium funding again. Gubernatorial candidates and key lawmakers said other state issues have priority. Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe, the ...

U football player killed after Minneapolis shooting

September 3, 2002

Brandon Hall, a University football player, was fatally shot Sunday in the early morning hours at the corner of 3rd Street and Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis. The 19-year-old redshirt freshman died at 2:54 a.m. in the emergency room at Hennepin County Medical Center, hours after playing in his fi...

U steam plant’s release of black smoke alerts authorities

Dan Haugen

September 3, 2002

Thick, black smoke billowed out of the University’s Southeast Steam Plant late last Tuesday morning, creating a cloud that could be seen from several blocks away. The release lasted approximately 10 minutes — not long enough to result in any environmental fines but prompted several phone cal...

Is you ain’t my baby?

Monica LaBelle

August 26, 2002

f you are debating whether or not to pursue homemaking in the city, watch Rosemary's Baby (1968), playing this Monday at the Oak Street Cinema as part of their retrospective of films by Polish director Roman Polanski. But potential homemakers beware: This film-course classic has the cinematic ability ...

University reviews building project methods

Brad Unangst

August 26, 2002

n the last five years, the University has approved more than 1,300 University capital construction projects totaling more than $1.2 billion - the largest boom in the institution's 151-year history. But that boom has come with some busts. Internal audits completed this year identified "serious potenti...

Lawyers Say Iraq Attack Needs No Congressional Approval

August 26, 2002

WASHINGTON (The Washington Post) - Lawyers for President Bush have concluded he can launch an attack on Iraq without new approval from Congress, in part because they say that permission remains in force from the 1991 resolution giving Bush's father authority to wage war in the Persian Gulf, according to...

Renters see tight housing market’s consequences

Sean McGrath

August 26, 2002

A tight housing market and renters' rights ignorance could force some students to live in run-down apartments with inflated rent. "At the University area, it's Gouge City," said Charlie Warner of HOME Line, a tenant advocacy group. Warner said the tight Twin Cities housing market - particularly around the Unive...

Gubernatorial candidates selected, close race expected

Shira Kantor

August 26, 2002

Four years after Jesse Ventura's gubernatorial campaign made "third-party politics" a household phrase in Minnesota, Ventura's June 18 announcement that he will not seek re-election sent four major candidates - and many minor ones - on a quest to replace him. The political games were just beginning. The road to the ...

The acts are great, so why is Cirque du Soleil so disappointing?

Amy Danielson

August 26, 2002

In my mind, going to the circus should transcend the marvels of fantasy. The circus is at once an opportunity to be dazzled by the talents of circus performers and a chance to be inspired to refocus one's own artistic energy. If done correctly, these clowns and high wire walkers should ensnare our spiri...

New AD Maturi to face many challenges

K.C. Howard

August 26, 2002

By Ben Goessling and David La Vaque Named the University's lone finalist for its athletics director position July 2, Joel Maturi's official approval by the Board of Regents on July 12 was anti-climactic. While Maturi attended several meetings with administrators, coaches, athletes and the general pu...