The Minnesota Daily

Never sounded so good

Paul Sand
August 26, 2002

henever critics herald a new album as "sounding mature," it is code that the musician made a record that is tame, toothless and chock full of songs about growing old. But One Beat (Kill Rock Stars), Sleater-Kinney's...

Is you ain’t my baby?

Monica LaBelle
August 26, 2002

f you are debating whether or not to pursue homemaking in the city, watch Rosemary's Baby (1968), playing this Monday at the Oak Street Cinema as part of their retrospective of films by Polish director...

University reviews building project methods

Brad Unangst
August 26, 2002

n the last five years, the University has approved more than 1,300 University capital construction projects totaling more than $1.2 billion - the largest boom in the institution's 151-year history. But...

Lawyers Say Iraq Attack Needs No Congressional Approval

August 26, 2002

WASHINGTON (The Washington Post) - Lawyers for President Bush have concluded he can launch an attack on Iraq without new approval from Congress, in part because they say that permission remains in force...

Renters see tight housing market’s consequences

Sean McGrath
August 26, 2002

A tight housing market and renters' rights ignorance could force some students to live in run-down apartments with inflated rent. "At the University area, it's Gouge City," said Charlie Warner of HOME...

pickAxe turns camera into activist

April 18, 2001

Emotion can drive people to do just about anything. It isn't uncommon for someone to love another so much that they will endure pain or torment or do just about anything to show his or her appreciation...