The Minnesota Daily

Victory gives men’s golf hope

Brian Stensaas
August 26, 2002

Minnesota men's golfer Justin Smith has written his name countless times in his nearly 20 years, on everything from homework to his library card. Yet when the time came to sign his scorecard on the afternoon...

U delivers on Maroon and Gold Day

August 26, 2002

By Brett Angel People who know how many underground buildings there are on campus, which school other than Minnesota claims the gopher as its official mascot, or even whether Goldy is male or female, would...

Texas lures Yudof; U search continues

Brad Unangst
August 26, 2002

Following the financial, athletics and administrative predicaments that highlighted most of the past year, the University is now looking to replace the man who led it through everything, former University...

China Tightens Oversight of Missile Technology Exports

August 26, 2002

BEIJING (The Los Angeles Times) - Bowing to a longtime U.S. demand, the Chinese government has issued new rules to tighten its control over the export of missile technology, state media reported Sunday. The...

Feds mandate new biohazard inventory in U research labs

Courtney Lewis
August 26, 2002

The University is conducting an inventory of the toxins it holds on campus, following a mandate by the federal government looking to promote safe handling of toxins at universities nationwide. The mandate...

Spikers serve notice against top teams

Ben Goessling
August 26, 2002

Stanford volleyball coach John Dunning walked into the pressroom following his squad's win in the State Farm Volleyball Classic championship match on Saturday night and immediately asked for a bottle of...

A secret history: The fiction of Bruno Schulz

August 26, 2002

runo Schulz was a contemporary of Franz Kafka (he authored a translation of The Trial) and was likewise from Poland, and his slight literary output - confined to two collections of short stories and a...

U professor receives award for low-temperature physics research

Wendy Weisman
August 26, 2002

Last week in Japan, professor Allen M. Goldman, head of physics at the University's School of Physics and Astronomy, was awarded the Fritz London Memorial Prize. The award, regarded as the highest of its...

Environment Summit, Without Bush, Set to Take Action

August 26, 2002

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (The Los Angeles Times) - Like a college student at a frat party, much of the world is on a binge. Oil and gas are being consumed faster than ever. Emissions of pollutants and...

Lawmakers Widen Probe of Music Industry’s Accounting Practices

August 26, 2002

LOS ANGELES (The Los Angeles Times) - The California Senate has widened its probe of music industry accounting practices and is investigating whether major record companies defrauded artists out of royalties...