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Illustration by Sarah Mai

Researchers leave lab animals, equipment on campus

Niamh Coomey
April 9, 2020

As only essential COVID-19-related research continues at the University of Minnesota, many researchers have put their work on pause, leaving lab equipment, samples and animals on campus.  Researchers...

A community collection box for COVID-19 PPE donations sits outside of the Fay Thompson Center for Environmental Management on Tuesday, April 7. This collection is part of a larger campus effort to consolidate PPE and provide it to healthcare workers.

Hundreds of University researchers donate personal protection equipment from labs

Farrah Mina and Abbey Machtig
April 8, 2020

A University of Minnesota task force is collecting gloves, masks and other supplies from labs across the University in an effort to aid clinics, testing labs and hospitals combating COVID-19. Hundreds...

Illustration by Hailee Schievelbein

UMN researchers bring little known liver disease into the spotlight

Natalie Cierzan
April 6, 2020

University of Minnesota researchers are bringing attention to an underrecognized liver disease. The researchers published a review last month about the liver disease, called nonalcoholic steatohepatitis...

Illustration by Hailee Schievelbein

UMN researchers to study link between crime and overservice of alcohol

Abbey Machtig
April 1, 2020

University of Minnesota researchers will study data collected from bars, restaurants and sports venues to evaluate initiatives to reduce alcohol-related crime. The data used in the study tracks the physical...

Eva Berezovsky

UMN research to examine city housing program for students

Brooke Sheehy
March 23, 2020

University of Minnesota researchers are using data to evaluate a Minneapolis program aimed at preventing homelessness in school children. Stable Homes Stable Schools is a partnership between the City of...

Illustration by Sarah Mai

Amid study abroad chaos, students share experiences about coming back home

Niamh Coomey
March 19, 2020

All study abroad programs at the University of Minnesota have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic — leaving many students frustrated and unsure about the future.  The about 1,100 students...

Illustration by Eva Berezovsky

UMN researchers begin three COVID-19 trials, test malaria drug

Natalie Cierzan
March 18, 2020

University of Minnesota researchers opened a clinical trial Tuesday to test a malaria drug that will hopefully prevent COVID-19. This is the first round of clinical trials to test the drug as a COVID-19...

Beekeeper Gary Reuter opens a brood box at the University of Minnesota Bee Laboratory on Monday, March 16. The bees huddle together and flex their flight muscles in order to stay warm and survive the winter.

Honeybees dying from “deformed wing virus,” research finds

Becca Most
March 16, 2020

University of Minnesota researchers found in a study published last month that a common virus causes honeybees to forage prematurely which significantly contributes to colony decline worldwide. In a collaboration...

Horses walk about their enclosure at the Leatherdale Equine Center near the St. Paul campus on Monday, Feb. 24.

Researchers study irregular horse heartbeats, hoping to find a cure

Natalie Cierzan and Nat Jacobwith
March 16, 2020

University of Minnesota researchers are looking at cardiac conditions in racehorses to point toward a solution for both horses and humans. Researchers are examining the effects of irregular heartbeats...

A specially-outfitted vehicle which allows experts to administer on-site cardiac health services is parked outside the Variety Club Research Center on Thursday, Feb. 27. One of four such vehicles funded by an $18.6 million grant from the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, it shortens the time to treatment for patients with cardiac health concerns.

Researchers create SUV for on-the-road cardiac care

Natalie Cierzan
March 5, 2020

Four years ago, Creighton Clemens went to bed like it was any other night, unaware that the next time he’d be conscious would be four days later.  That night, he went into cardiac arrest. When his...