The Minnesota Daily

University considers Asian-American studies minor

Abdel Shakur

August 26, 2002

n an effort to increase knowledge about Asian-American culture in the Midwest, the University is considering adding an Asian-American studies minor to its programs beginning this spring. The new minor, proposed to the College of Liberal Arts, will give students an understanding of what it means to be...

Texas lures Yudof; U search continues

Brad Unangst

August 26, 2002

Following the financial, athletics and administrative predicaments that highlighted most of the past year, the University is now looking to replace the man who led it through everything, former University President Mark Yudof. Yudof's departure - he officially assumed the chancellorship of the Unive...

Gubernatorial candidates selected, close race expected

Shira Kantor

August 26, 2002

Four years after Jesse Ventura's gubernatorial campaign made "third-party politics" a household phrase in Minnesota, Ventura's June 18 announcement that he will not seek re-election sent four major candidates - and many minor ones - on a quest to replace him. The political games were just beginning. The road to the ...

The acts are great, so why is Cirque du Soleil so disappointing?

Amy Danielson

August 26, 2002

In my mind, going to the circus should transcend the marvels of fantasy. The circus is at once an opportunity to be dazzled by the talents of circus performers and a chance to be inspired to refocus one's own artistic energy. If done correctly, these clowns and high wire walkers should ensnare our spiri...

Not getting it done

John R. Carter

August 26, 2002

Malai J. Turnbull wrote an interesting letter to the editor ("Fighting hard," Aug. 12). Making a Senate committee is not what I would call getting things done for Minnesotans. I would also suggest that fighting for a "real prescription drug program" and not actually getting it is not getting things do...

Renters see tight housing market’s consequences

Sean McGrath

August 26, 2002

A tight housing market and renters' rights ignorance could force some students to live in run-down apartments with inflated rent. "At the University area, it's Gouge City," said Charlie Warner of HOME Line, a tenant advocacy group. Warner said the tight Twin Cities housing market - particularly around the Unive...

China Tightens Oversight of Missile Technology Exports

August 26, 2002

BEIJING (The Los Angeles Times) - Bowing to a longtime U.S. demand, the Chinese government has issued new rules to tighten its control over the export of missile technology, state media reported Sunday. The regulations, which went into effect Thursday, set up a licensing and registration system for compa...

Street cleaners: U dental students take camper on the road

Seth Woerhle

August 26, 2002

From his unconventional clinic in a modified Winnebago, Dr. Paul Schulz, with his dental students and assistants, can care for three patients at a time, although it can get a little cramped. The 37-foot camper, known as UCare Tooth Care, has been retrofitted with compressors, vacuum pumps and a generat...