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After split, Kroll to run new group

Charlie Bartlett

April 20, 2015

Law student Kyle Kroll was elected on Sunday to lead professional students next school year.   With the passing of a referendum to split the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly into two organizations, Kroll will head professional students under a renamed organization and gradua...

Social media fueled research could help protect the environment

Allison Kronberg

April 7, 2015

From an Instagram photo of an awe-inspiring hike through the Rocky Mountains to a tweet recommending a peaceful camping spot by the Boundary Waters, social media outlets have become popular ways for many outdoor enthusiasts to share their stories. Those accounts, though, can be used for more than ju...

Global warming slowed, but not for long

Global warming slowed, but not for long

Allison Kronberg

March 11, 2015

When it comes to global warming discussion, many people think the climate will exclusively rise in temperature and at a consistent rate. And any time it doesn’t, some want an explanation. The speed at which the earth has been warming has noticeably slowed since about 1998, scientists say, even though...

Visa reform may help international students

Parker Lemke

February 23, 2015

When Jim Wu graduated with a master’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Minnesota nearly two decades ago as an international student, his new employer helped him obtain a work visa that allowed him to stay in the United States. But because the competition for visas is so high, some of W...

U testing Ebola vax in Liberia

U testing Ebola vax in Liberia

Jessie Bekker

February 18, 2015

University of Minnesota researchers are injecting Liberians with defective strains of live Ebola as part of a trial for a new vaccine. Researchers plan to test two vaccines — a live strain and a dead strain of the virus — along with a placebo, in hopes of discovering an immunization that w...

Young leaders take reins

Allison Kronberg

February 12, 2015

People too young to vote, have their own insurance or order something from an infomercial are proving they aren’t too young to have a voice in climate change efforts — even legal ones. Akilah Sanders-Reed, an environmental studies junior at Macalester College, sued New Mexico in 2011 when...

Researcher links Ebola to forests

Ethan Nelson

February 3, 2015

A University of Minnesota researcher’s recent work may have found a link between deforestation and the ongoing Ebola epidemic. As large corporations have spent the past two decades cutting down large forested areas in West Africa to make room for plantations, displaced bats — some of which ...

Greenland melt could raise seas

Allison Kronberg

January 26, 2015

Research aided by the University of Minnesota published last Wednesday found that meltwater on the surface of Greenland’s glaciers moves through cracks, gets trapped beneath the ice and creates lakes that heat the ice from below. It’s been widely known for about a decade that Greenland’s glaciers ...

U researchers discover new meltwater trapped beneath Greenland ice sheets

Allison Kronberg

January 21, 2015

Greenland is composed of about 80 percent ice, but atmospheric warming is causing it to melt. And, according to research published Wednesday in Nature, it’s melting from the bottom and the top. The ice sheet in Greenland usually moves under the pressure of its own weight and the forces of gravit...

U and Tufts team up, trek the globe to prevent pandemics

Kelsey Christensen

December 1, 2014

Pandemics are always a threat, but sometimes their reality doesn’t sink in until there is a new outbreak. This year’s Ebola crisis, the virus’s largest outbreak ever, is just the latest example. But now, an interdisciplinary team of medical professionals from the University of Minnesota and...