The Minnesota Daily

Paris climate talks begin

Eliana Schreiber
December 8, 2015

Following climate talks in Minneapolis last month, the University of Minnesota sent a 10-person delegation to Paris to join thousands of others in discussing global climate change.   In the Paris...

Tuition revenue down at University, nationwide

Hannah Weikel
December 1, 2015

Higher education institutions like the University of Minnesota can expect less tuition revenue than in years past, according to a study released last month by Moody’s Investors Service.    As...

Students in France safe after terrorist attacks

Eliana Schreiber
November 17, 2015

All University of Minnesota students in France for school-related purposes are safe after terrorist attacks Friday night in Paris killed 129 people.   The University’s Learning Abroad...

University alumnus Shezanne Cassim was held in a maximum-security prison in the United Arab Emirates for nine months after posting a YouTube video that satirized teenage life in Dubai.

Former U student seeking UAE pardon

Benjamin Farniok
November 3, 2015

The University of Minnesota alumnus who spent nine months incarcerated abroad wants a pardon from the country that locked him up for a single YouTube upload.   Accusations that he’d threatened...

Former U student faces charges abroad

Nick Wicker
October 13, 2015

A photojournalist and former Minnesota Daily photographer could face up to five years in prison for carrying a bulletproof vest and helmet in Thailand.    Thai authorities told Hok Chun “Anthony”...

Students, faculty safe from quake

Logan Wroge
May 5, 2015

University of Minnesota students and faculty members on a semester-long study abroad trip were safely evacuated from Nepal Saturday evening after a massive earthquake devastated the country on...

After split, Kroll to run new group

Charlie Bartlett
April 20, 2015

Law student Kyle Kroll was elected on Sunday to lead professional students next school year.   With the passing of a referendum to split the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly into...

Social media fueled research could help protect the environment

Allison Kronberg
April 7, 2015

From an Instagram photo of an awe-inspiring hike through the Rocky Mountains to a tweet recommending a peaceful camping spot by the Boundary Waters, social media outlets have become popular ways for many...

Global warming slowed, but not for long

Allison Kronberg
March 11, 2015

When it comes to global warming discussion, many people think the climate will exclusively rise in temperature and at a consistent rate. And any time it doesn’t, some want an explanation. The speed...

Visa reform may help international students

Parker Lemke
February 23, 2015

When Jim Wu graduated with a master’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Minnesota nearly two decades ago as an international student, his new employer helped him obtain a work visa that...