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U hospital set to provide Ebola care

Cody Nelson
October 27, 2014

The University of Minnesota Medical Center has agreed to care for patients diagnosed with Ebola, the Minnesota Hospital Association announced Friday. The West Bank hospital is one of four health care facilities...

Countries away, helping farmers

Parker Lemke
October 27, 2014

It’s already taken root in India’s agricultural market, but now an irrigation distribution company founded by University of Minnesota alumni will use international funding to fertilize its...

Minneapolis gets new sibling in Somalia

Kevin Karner
October 20, 2014

Minneapolis became sisters with a Somali counterpart on Friday — becoming the first city in the country to do so — in an effort to strengthen international ties with Somali-American residents. The...

MN groups set up Ebola aid, outreach

Sarah Connor
October 14, 2014

As Ebola rages on, Minnesotans are shipping massive containers filled with hundreds of thousands of meals, facemasks and gloves to areas overseas affected by the deadly virus. And back home, they’re...

University officials monitor Ebola outbreak in West Africa

Haley Hansen
September 8, 2014

As the largest Ebola outbreak in history continues to plague parts of West Africa, the University of Minnesota and other colleges nationwide are adjusting their travel policies to comply with new recommendations...

World turns to University professor amid Ebola outbreak

Kaylee Kruschke
September 3, 2014

When other children were nursing cuts, bruises and colds, a young Michael Osterholm decided he wanted to study infections and illnesses. “Even in high school, I knew this is what I wanted to do,”...

Kaler, admins expand partnership in Norway

Blair Emerson
September 2, 2014

In just two years, University of Minnesota adjunct professor Ron McRoberts published a total of nine papers and book chapters. As part of a research collaboration with two faculty members from a Norwegian...

Bill to ease money transfers to East Africa

Kevin Karner
September 2, 2014

To Mohamud Abdi, sending money to family and friends is routine. “I don’t think I know a single Somali family who doesn’t send money back home,” the sociology sophomore said, adding...

Adama Dieng, the UN secretary-general’s special adviser for the prevention of genocide, gives a keynote address in Cowles Auditorium on Wednesday during a conference commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide.

To prevent genocide, researchers look to the past

Haley Hansen
April 21, 2014

On the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide, University of Minnesota students and faculty are exploring ways to avoid future tragedies. The Humphrey School of Public Affairs, in addition to the University's...

Research network measures grasslands

Kristoffer Tigue
March 26, 2014

Climate change isn’t the only thing ecologists worry about when they consider how humans are impacting the natural world. Two University of Minnesota professors say nitrogen and phosphorous from...