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Ababiy: The University must shape the state’s technological future

Jonathan Ababiy
November 16, 2017

The University of Minnesota has a unique educational monopoly on the state. Unlike states of similar size like Colorado, Oregon and South Carolina, the University is the state’s sole high-activity research...

Ababiy: Stop big money from influencing local elections

Jonathan Ababiy
November 2, 2017

High up in the glass towers of downtown, where you’ve always wished you could take a flex pic for your Instagram, Minneapolis corporate executives and developers have been in the midst of a summers long...

Ababiy: Why Vine was so special

Jonathan Ababiy
October 26, 2017

I still remember the first Vine I ever made. It was on one of those mid-summer days in high school where all the fun activities you planned sitting in class had been done a million times and the late summer...

Ababiy: The NCAA does not care about academic integrity

Jonathan Ababiy
October 19, 2017

College athletics can be very fun. Standing with thousands of other people and hollering letter after letter of the “Minnesota" in the Minnesota Rouser with your fellow Gophers after a touchdown is an...

Ababiy: Walking on Huron doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience

Jonathan Ababiy
October 12, 2017

Walking on Huron Boulevard in Stadium Village reminds me of my middle school days, when I use to foolishly traverse suburban highways by foot. There is no parking lane that insulates you from traffic like...

Ababiy: Will the corporate world ever respect our privacy?

Jonathan Ababiy
October 5, 2017

For about two months this summer, hackers snooped around the computer systems of Equifax, one of the three major credit reporting bureaus, obtaining nearly half the U.S. population’s names, dates of...

Ababiy: Tax the luxury apartments

Jonathan Ababiy
September 28, 2017

Luxury apartments are rising near the University of Minnesota. The Hub on Washington Avenue is slowly gaining its outer sci-fi shell, day by day. A 25-story tower behind the Pillsbury Mill will potentially...

Ababiy: Don’t let Amazon jeopardize tomorrow

Jonathan Ababiy
September 21, 2017

Amazon recently announced that it has begun an international search for the city that will house its second headquarters (HQ2). The company has resorted to building HQ2 because its original headquarters’...

Ababiy: My favorite spot on campus

Jonathan Ababiy
September 14, 2017

While we labor to create the rest of our lives here, the Mississippi River beats incessantly against the concrete shoes of the Washington Avenue Bridge. While I stress about making that critical friend...

Ababiy: Attending UMN can seem daunting, but it shouldn’t be

Jonathan Ababiy
September 7, 2017

I have been to many special places in Minnesota.  I’ve sat in the bed of my friend’s pickup, looking up at the eternal glow of the midnight stars, as he hurtled the little Ford around S-shaped...