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Ababiy: Don’t let Amazon jeopardize tomorrow

Jonathan Ababiy
September 21, 2017

Amazon recently announced that it has begun an international search for the city that will house its second headquarters (HQ2). The company has resorted to building HQ2 because its original headquarters’...

Ababiy: My favorite spot on campus

Jonathan Ababiy
September 14, 2017

While we labor to create the rest of our lives here, the Mississippi River beats incessantly against the concrete shoes of the Washington Avenue Bridge. While I stress about making that critical friend...

Ababiy: Attending UMN can seem daunting, but it shouldn’t be

Jonathan Ababiy
September 7, 2017

I have been to many special places in Minnesota.  I’ve sat in the bed of my friend’s pickup, looking up at the eternal glow of the midnight stars, as he hurtled the little Ford around S-shaped...