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Lessons learned whilst traveling

Published May 2, 2011

IâÄôve been a student at the University of Minnesota for five years but spent only three and a half of them on campus. For me, the defining experiences of my college career were spent studying...

Higher ed: the luxurious non-luxury item

Published April 25, 2011

In 1849, the Minnesota Territory instituted a property tax to pay for public schools. Nine years later in 1858, when Minnesota became the 32nd state to enter the Union, the Constitution of Minnesota stipulated...

Crazy leaders: ours and theirs

Published April 18, 2011

Donald Trump is a frontrunner for the Republican Party nomination for president. In a CNN/Opinion Research poll released last week, Trump is tied at 19 percent with former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in...

Pawlenty and Bachmann: Minnesota’s Dick and Jane

Published April 11, 2011

It seems that MinnesotaâÄôs motto is "the more the merrier" when it comes to GOP presidential candidate nominee hopefuls. Stirring the pot, former Gov. Tim Pawlenty published a book this January,...

Raiding Tripoli: part three

Published March 28, 2011

On March 17, the United Nations Security Council adopted Resolution 1973 amidst growing fears that Libyan forces loyal to Moammar Gadhafi would slaughter hundreds, if not thousands, of rebel fighters and...

Nobel Peace Prize Forum coming to the University

Published March 7, 2011

"We do not think the Nobel Peace Prize is a magic wand. It cannot transform the world, but maybe it can represent some sort of encouragement and bring added support to its cause. It is a high honor," said...

Nuclear proliferation out of the headlines

Published February 28, 2011

February 2011 will forever belong to the protesters of the Middle East. However, the past month has also been a happening time on the nuclear nonproliferation front. Statements from officials at the International...

How to find love on campus

Published February 14, 2011

Feeling lonely this ValentineâÄôs Day? Have no one to wine and dine at Loring Pasta Bar? Looking to be that Don Juan (pronounced "joon" for Lord Byron fans) or Donna Juanita (pronounced Español...

On-campus diplomacy

Published February 7, 2011

Walking around campus, one might notice that there are quite a lot of Chinese students. In October, the Minnesota Daily published an article titled, "U sees surge in Chinese enrollment." According to the...

We are the stewards of American civilization

Published January 24, 2011

Does this sound familiar? "The attitude of the American toward political power is a curiously dual one âĦ The American is prone to suspect every government he elects âĦ Thus...

Dispatches from South Korea

Published December 6, 2010

"This isnâÄôt StarCraft," said Kim Tae-young, the former South Korean defense minister, referring to the current crisis on the Korean peninsula following the recent North Korean shelling of Yeonpyeong...

Indonesian power hours

Published November 15, 2010

With the words "Pulang kampung nih," or "IâÄôve come home," President Barack Obama seemingly won back the hearts of Indonesians. ObamaâÄôs trip to Indonesia had been delayed twice, once...

An American marriage

Published November 8, 2010

  Rafal and J.P. are living the American dream. Rafal, originally from Poland, came to the United States to pursue an undergraduate degree. Following his studies, he set up a successful small business...

All Hallows Eve in Dinkytown

Published November 1, 2010

I arrived in Dinkytown at 11:47 p.m. Saturday. A boisterous posse of Tetris pieces cleared a path through the drunken hoards for this sober and slightly agitated columnist. It was my first time on the...

Talking with the Talibrand

Published October 25, 2010

I was rather surprised last week by a breaking news alert I received from "Taliban Elite, Aided by NATO, Join Talks for Afghan Peace." The article summed up that there are "extensive" talks...

On the wrong side of history

Published October 18, 2010

America will not be a civil society until there is equality for all. Our country has made significant gains over the past centuries by abolishing slavery, giving women the right to vote and outlawing racial...

Nuclear weapons still a threat

Published October 11, 2010

  President Barack ObamaâÄôs vision of a nuclear weapons-free world should be embraced by all as it is the only viable nuclear policy against the enemies the Unites States faces today. Mutually...

Are drones the solution or the problem?

Published October 7, 2010

Last week, an al-Qaeda terror plot was reportedly uncovered in Pakistan. The attack was aimed at Europe with Britain, France and Germany named as potential targets. While the plot was only in the planning...

The Israeli-Palestinian migraine

Published October 4, 2010

WeâÄôve got two dates to the ball, but neither one wants to dance. On Saturday, the Palestinian leadership said that if Israeli settlement building wasnâÄôt halted, then the most recent...

Salvation preached without tact

Published September 29, 2010

I was on my way to Coffman Union on Monday afternoon when I noticed a man standing on a stool yelling in front of Smith Hall. "Do you masturbate with pornography at the kitchen table in front of your mother?"...

New title, same worn policies

Published September 27, 2010

ThereâÄôs a YouTube video depicting one of President George W. BushâÄôs many interesting quotes from the course of his presidency. "ThereâÄôs an old saying in Tennessee, I know...

Key to Afghanistan is Pakistan

Published September 5, 2010

Watching President Barack Obama’s speech last Tuesday night, I could not help but wonder how long until the president, whoever it may be at the time, will declare the end of combat operations in...

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