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Researchers’ aims diverge

May 29, 1996

The University's Institute of Technology receives a major portion of its budget from outside research. As some federal sources dwindle, IT is looking for ways to solicit more industrial funding. Last...

Industry grants raise concerns

May 28, 1996

This year, more than half the Institute of Technology's annual budget -- nearly $78 million -- came from research grants. This is more money than the college receives from all other funding sources combined,...

Graduateassistantsto cost more

May 24, 1996

In what some University professors describe as a "devastating" blow to educational and research activity, departments must increase the amount they pay the University to support graduate assistants beginning...

Raptor center does high-tech tracking

February 21, 1996

Two Minnesota ospreys wintering in South America may not know it, but University researchers are watching the birds' every move via satellite. The raptor center at the University is tracking two ospreys...