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Fair Trade or fairly traded?

Published May 8, 2008

It's extraordinary to think that dozens, maybe even hundreds of hands, touch every coffee bean that is in your cup of coffee," said Ric Rhinehart, executive director of the Specialty Coffee Association...

Protecting little lungs

Published April 17, 2008

Reduce, Reuse, Recyle. Stop, Drop and Roll. Just Say No. You're back in the fifth grade, trying not to faint and fall off metal choir bleachers as one of your classmates reads his graduation essay. Across...

Of soldiers and suicide

Published February 14, 2008

I was thumbing through this month's Harper's to read the David Foster Wallace piece when I detoured through the Harper's Index and spotted a few noteworthy statistics among the usual collage (e.g., 79...

The best part of waking up … or is it?

Published January 31, 2008

Two weeks ago, in the town of Santa Avelina in the mountains of Quiche (Key-che), Guatemala, I met Josefa, as she turned her coffee beans in the sun. I was in the country translating with a medical team,...

Partially hydro-what? Take II

Published December 6, 2007

On Nov. 8, I wrote a small discourse on partially hydrogenated oils and the trans fat these oils contain titled, "Partially-hydro What?" Nearly a month in its wake, it was brought to my attention that...

Another chemical creation

Published November 29, 2007

While trans-fats are surely something unsafe for our bodies, the jury continues to deliberate another menace: High fructose corn syrups. Like the partially hydrogenated oils I wrote of a few weeks ago,...

Our linguistic lethargy

Published November 15, 2007

While working at my short-lived retail job during the summer, a Hispanic woman with her two boisterous children entered the store minutes before its seven o'clock closing time. My co-worker let out a heavy...

Partially hydro-what?

Published November 8, 2007

Unless you are a vegan, a glance at the ingredients in the food in your pantry can be frightening. That is, frightening if you know what's good for you. Among the ingredients of heavily processed foods...

Human dignity in helping

Published November 1, 2007

I was working yesterday in a coffee shop downtown. The event was spent with business-folk and our regulars dropping in to buy their four-dollar lattes and two-dollar drip coffees. One particular gentleman,...

Sexy snow princess?

Published October 25, 2007

The air smells wonderful when leaves turn brilliant colors during autumn. It seems to evoke a kind of nostalgia for raking leaf piles in the backyard and grass staining your jeans as a kid. As October...

Leaving children behind again

Published October 18, 2007

Among other errands yesterday was a trip to the pharmacy. Looking at the prescription I'd handed him, the pharmacist said, "OK, it'll be about ten minutes." I took a gander at the produce section, and...

My dear body

Published October 11, 2007

When I sit down to check my e-mail, I typically rifle through and delete all excessive forwards from my family - "heartwarming" anecdotes or photos of animals with some kind of "witty" punch line. I can't...

Skirting conversing with cellular convenience

Published October 4, 2007

You take a small device out of your pocket and open its face. Noting the time, you begin punching a few numbers into it and then a little green button called "send." Your intention buzzes along imaginary...

Thank God no one died

Published September 27, 2007

As I walked from the midday sun last Friday afternoon into the journalism building for class, I stopped short. CNN was flashing a breaking story of yet another campus shooting. This time, as the station...

Peace is patriotic

Published September 20, 2007

Workers are striking. Students and faculty are fasting and providing incentive for the strike's end. Others are marching proud with signage. I see little green buttons on nearly all shirts and backpacks. The...

Our water works

Published September 13, 2007

So you have a couple of hydrogen molecules attached to a little bit of oxygen. But what's the big deal? The stuff is everywhere. Especially in our Land of 10,000 Lakes, we are not prone to thinking about...

Keeping our time so it doesn’t fly

Published September 6, 2007

After circling the premises of Coffman Union searching for parking last week, I found myself a spot in the Comstock lot without a quarter. Of course this issue was resolved, but only by a $3 cup of coffee...