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Club forms to examine the X-rated

Published May 5, 2006

Alex Wade wanted to start what he thought would be the "best free speech club ever." After a semester of dragging his feet and occasionally filling out paperwork, Wade, president of the Adult Film Appreciation...

Goldy elicits QSCC objection

Published May 3, 2006

For the past several years, Goldy Gopher appeared at Lavender Graduation, shaking hands and taking photos with graduates. But at Thursday's event, the furry mascot was noticeably absent. The Queer Student...

Moorhead requires course on alcohol

Published April 26, 2006

Whether they drink or not, college students typically are exposed to alcohol within their first week on campus. While University students have the option of taking a class on how to handle this new environment,...

International conference at U discusses human trafficking

Published April 24, 2006

After being recruited as a sex worker at the age of 12 in Calgary, Alberta, Kyla Kaun spent five years being trafficked across Canada. A self-described "experiential woman," Kaun now advocates for sex-worker...

St. Paul rally decries U.S. immigration bills

Published April 10, 2006

As rallies for immigrants' rights occurred nationwide, the Twin Cities proved to be no exception Sunday. About 40,000 demonstrators marched from the Cathedral of St. Paul to the Capitol for the Minnesota...

Mayors meet for Twin Cities unity

Published April 7, 2006

A long-standing case of sibling rivalry might soon come to an end. Minneapolis and St. Paul mayors R.T. Rybak and Chris Coleman, along with other city leaders, will come together for the first time to...

Document lends insight into history

Published March 31, 2006

The University gained joint custody Tuesday of a new addition that will have to be handled with care. In a partnership with the Newberry Library in Chicago, the University purchased partial ownership of...

University gets 15th century legal manuscript

Published March 30, 2006

>In a partnership with the Newberry Library in Chicago, the University purchased partial ownership of a 15th century legal manuscript. The manuscript, written primarily in Latin, details the laws of...

Drug-free hemp is focus of U study

Published March 27, 2006

A new University study on hemp and marijuana could pave the way for a drug-free industrial hemp plant. The study identifies the genetic markers that differentiate hemp from marijuana and could have broader...

Tests part of U entry formula

Published March 22, 2006

When the College Board reported it had incorrectly submitted the scores of 4,000 students who took the SAT in October, only one applicant to the University was affected. But for the growing number of students...

MSA, GAPSA presidents to attend leadership conference

Published March 9, 2006

Two student-government leaders leave today for a leadership conference in an unlikely place. Graduate and Professional Student Assembly President Karen Buhr and Minnesota Student Association President...

DFL gubernatorial debate has U focus

Published March 1, 2006

All the candidates at Tuesday night's DFL gubernatorial debate agreed on the problem of rising tuition, citing a need for state investment in education and increased student involvement in elections. Three...

Dancers double up with fraternity to farm funds for spring showdown

Published February 23, 2006

Combining her sorority fundraising skills with a passion for dance, Brittany Radke is bringing together dance students and the greek system for the first time. Radke, a senior dance major, said she came...

Lecture enlightens the online loveless

Published February 17, 2006

For students wanting to know more about cyberlove and online relationships, Wayne Caron had all the answers. Or at least some of them. Caron, professor of family social science, gave a lecture Thursday...

Birthday party honors evolution theory icon

Published February 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Charles," read the frosting on the cake at a celebration for a man who wasn't there. Darwin Day Celebration, an internationally celebrated event, recognizes the birth of Charles Darwin,...

Group shares Chinese New Year festivities, traditions with campus

Published February 6, 2006

Half an hour before kickoff, Albert Leung arranged tangerines and lucky candies instead of potato chips and cocktail weenies " without a television in sight. "I think nobody else is in pain more than me,"...

Grad students teach medieval history

Published February 3, 2006

Standing in front of a group of fourth-graders, Elizabeth Bowser explained that while Philip Grace was wearing tights, he wasn't a superhero. Disappointing as that might have been to them, their attention...

U alumna, activist playwright dies at 61

Published February 2, 2006

Endesha Ida Mae Holland, the first black woman to receive a Ph.D. from the University, died Jan. 25 from complications arising from ataxia, a degenerative neurological condition. She was 61. Holland, a...

Talent, devotion to piano key for grad student’s success, future

Published January 27, 2006

As a child, Andrew Staupe quit piano lessons because he didn't want to practice. Now he puts in seven hours a day in hopes of starting a career as a professional pianist. The 21-year-old piano performance...