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Students feel finals stress once again

December 9, 2003

Computer science student Jackson Tomlinson bowed over a math book Monday afternoon in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building. "I don't have time to deal with the stress," Tomlinson said,...

Student group devoted to pants examines society from the ‘bottom’ up

November 25, 2003

It was a cold and snowy afternoon, and Erica Eads looked on in horror as a man wearing shorts crossed Washington Avenue in Stadium Village. "That would be a pants-appropriate situation," she said. And...

Marriage ruling divides campus

November 20, 2003

Tuesday's Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriages left members of the University community with mixed opinions. While some said the decision was outside the realm of the...

Advocacy group asks to keep alcohol ads out of college sports

November 18, 2003

A health advocacy group is asking universities to keep alcohol advertising off the air during college sports broadcasts. The Washington-based Center for Science in the Public Interest launched a campaign...