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Serving the UMN community since 1900

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Serving the UMN community since 1900

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Regulating sulfide mining

Published January 28, 2014

The dispute over mining Minnesota’s world-class mineral deposits is drawing big crowds to the public hearings on the new Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement. All those minerals —...

Celebrating Earth Hour

Published March 21, 2013

At 8:30 p.m. local time on March 23, perhaps two billion people will recognize Earth Hour by turning off lights. It will be a time to consider our obligation to the earth’s environment in light of...

Rising gas prices are nothing new

Published March 30, 2011

Drivers cringe while watching the dollar total rise at the gas pump. Their complaints mount in newspaper letters and at the offices of their state and federal lawmakers. The current turmoil in the Middle...

At climate conference, just more talk

Published November 29, 2010

Today, representatives from most of the worldâÄôs nations will meet in a U.N.-sponsored Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico, in an effort to reach an agreement to address global warming....

Nick Coleman burns finger on nuclear issue

Published September 5, 2010

In an Aug. 29 column published in the Star Tribune ("Let’s not get all aglow about nuclear power"), would-be nuclear engineer, Nick Coleman thinks nuclear power is a glowing "pig in a poke." He refers...

Wind power not worth the cost

Published May 2, 2010

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has just approved the $2 billion Cape Wind project, which will place 130 turbines off the coast of Cape Cod. The project will receive large taxpayer subsidies...

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