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Law School hosts debate on Supreme Court election case

Published November 29, 2000

The raging battle before the U.S. Supreme Court between Texas Gov. George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore was the topic of a panel discussion Tuesday at the University's Law School. Law School Dean...

Mandela recognized by state NAACP for role in ending apartheid

Published November 22, 2000

Civil rights activist Nelson Mandela visited Minneapolis for two days beginning Monday to speak to local activists about apartheid, freedom and racial inequality. On Monday evening, the former South African...

Law School hosts annual Fall Feast events for students, community

Published November 10, 2000

Rich aromas from stew and fry bread, traditional Native American fare, filled the room as students apprehensively filed in and mingled with elders and attorneys from the Native American community. Students...

Student group works towards preventing sexual violence

Published October 30, 2000

Recent on-campus sexual assaults have motivated the student-run, school-registered group Self-Defense Against Sexual Violence to make students aware of the organization's efforts to prevent similar incidents...

Protesters condemn Israeli actions, U.S. aid, media’s coverage

Published October 23, 2000

The Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee united with other groups Friday to protest Israeli violence against Palestinians and U.S. aid to Israel. Protesters were responding to the recent conflict...

Voting is Power coalition aids students with voter registration

Published October 12, 2000

The University is pulling out all the stops. Campus student groups have organized to provide easy access for students to vote in the Nov. 7 national election. The Voting Is Power coalition, which expects...

National screening program aims to help the depressed

Published October 5, 2000

University students are prone to bouts of depression due to stress and biological effects, experts say. To avert depression before it causes serious consequences, the University Counseling and Consulting...