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Understocked bookstore causes first-week pickle

September 10, 2012

Students swarmed the University of Minnesota Bookstore in Coffman Union the first week of the fall semester searching for textbooks and class materials. Some of them left disappointed. “Every time...

Campus muggings trend upward at semester’s start

September 7, 2012

Three robberies have occurred near the University of Minnesota campus since Sept. 2, in a trend that University police Deputy Chief Chuck Miner says is typical of this time of the year. With school starting...

Member Charles Nolt and group founder Brent Barghahn mount their unicycle with out using their hands during Monday's officer meeting.

Unique groups teach U students new tricks

September 5, 2012

A year ago, computer engineering junior Matt Hornung hadn’t considered getting around campus on a vehicle with fewer than two wheels. Now, after joining ONE. Unicycle Club, he’s doing just...