Bowl Championship Series needs reforming

by Seth West, University student

A recent article by Andrew Krammer in the Oct. 4 Minnesota Daily (âÄúThe BCS bill: How bowl games cost football programs,âÄù) discussed issues with college footballâÄôs Bowl Championship Series.

I believe that forcing a school to absorb unsold ticket debt from another school in its conference is about as wise as a country subsidizing another countryâÄôs sovereign debt.

A national columnist once suggested something that makes sense and would deal with this issue in the right way: reform the BCS and make it into an eight-seed playoff system.

Five of the eight playoff spots would go to the winners of the five largest NCAA conferences, and the remaining three spots would go to âÄúwild cardsâÄù based on things like overall record and conference record.

As a result, college football would finally award only one national title, like every other collegiate-level sport currently does. Amazingly, this is still lost upon most sports writers.

This type of reform would eliminate overhead needed to finance multiple bowl games, as only the one that counts would remain.

We should also cut the salaries of coaches, lower ticket prices and get rid of burdensome fees, like the stadium fee.

Team development should be the top priority, rather than the copious pageantry surrounding college football that drives our tuition rates up.