The Minnesota Daily

Content Removal Request

Because of shifting editorial values, decisions to name certain individuals or show them prominently in photos may not live up to the editorial standards and ethics that the Daily holds today. For the purposes of transparency, the Minnesota Daily does not generally remove stories or photos or redact names from stories. However, we recognize that some Daily content could do and has done demonstrable harm, especially to vulnerable parties.

In response, the Minnesota Daily considers the removal of content. Upon filling out this form, the Minnesota Daily’s content diversity board will then deliberate on the given context, evaluating harm done versus news value. The editor-in-chief will then correspond with the submitting party to inform them of their decision.

Stories will not be taken down or names redacted for purposes of personal preference. Such instances up for consideration may include expunged criminal records, named parties for which charges have been dropped or harm done to individuals in a personal or professional capacity. In most instances, the Minnesota Daily does not take down whole stories, instead opting to redact names; in most instances, the most narrowly tailored edits will be done to maintain the structure and content of the initial story. All edited stories will include an editor’s note of a name redaction.

Please fill out the google form below, or click on this link for a pop-up window.