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The last days of May: A visual timeline of the George Floyd Protests

<p>Akilha Venzant holds an American flag while addressing law enforcement on East Lake Street near the Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct on Friday, May 29. While the crowd of demonstrators chanted “Black Lives Matter,” Venzant addressed each officer individually, saying: “Black lives matter. They do. They really do.”</p>

Jack Rodgers and Andy Kosier

June 4, 2020

Monday, May 25 A then-Minneapolis police officer killed George Floyd near Cup Foods in South Minneapolis. Derek Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds. Floyd repeatedly told Chauvin and the three other officers at the scene, Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao, that...

Day in the Life: May 1, 2020

The Multimedia Desk

May 4, 2020


Gallery: 2020 Primaries on Campus

<p>Phone bank organizer Jack Sewpersaud makes a call hoping to discuss the upcoming Super Tuesday primary and garner support for Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg at a phone banking effort in Blegen Hall on Friday, Feb. 28.</p>

Daily Photo Staff

March 4, 2020


All paws on deck for UMPD’s team of bomb-sniffing dogs

UMPD K-9 Patrol Officer Lara Bauer stands with her dual purpose canine Rio at TCF Bank Stadium on Tuesday, Feb. 25. Prior to serving as a dog handler, Bauer was a member of the University's mounted patrol unit, which was disbanded in 2012.

J.D. Duggan

March 1, 2020

Last Tuesday afternoon in TCF Bank Stadium, the visiting team’s locker room was strewn with 14 bags, mostly filled with clothes, tennis balls and dog food.  University of Minnesota Police Department Officer Allan Cunningham ran between the bags with his black lab, Gator, yelling “check” at each p...

18X: a photo essay

Diamond participates in future soldier training at the Roseville Armed Services Center nearly every Tuesday and Thursday with recently enlisted personnel or those considering enlistment. The program doesn't seek to replace basic training, but rather introduce participants to Army values and principles.

Jack Rodgers

February 1, 2020

Luke Diamond’s journey to enlistment as a U.S. Army designation 18X, or Special Forces candidate, is far from linear. He is a Louisiana native from a conservative family who found a second home in the acting and journalism communities in Minnesota. His undergraduate career, which ultimately concluded wi...

A string of connections: a photo essay

Eddy poses for a portrait in a custom built studio he designed to promote a new pro model Kendama on Monday, Nov. 18. A video he produced,

Parker Johnson

December 12, 2019

Matt Jorgenson, also known as “Sweets," started Sweets Kendamas in 2010. Sweets took to the streets of the University of Minnesota campus and handed out Kendamas, hoping to gather a following. When he first started, he used Kendamas that had “bad” paint, but was set on creating his own company th...

Digging in: local brewers continue the kombucha craze

<p>Bryan Deane Bertsch opens a barrel in his kombucha factory on Saturday, July 13 in St. Paul. </p>

Liv Martin

July 17, 2019

Bryan Deane Bertsch began his business in a much different market than today. Back in 2009, the product of his hobby was meant only to be shared with friends and family. But the operation eventually grew to become Deane’s Kombucha, calling itself the oldest craft commercial kombucha producer in Mi...