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The Content Diversity Board

The Minnesota Daily’s Content Diversity Board is composed of editorial staff dedicated to analyzing the Daily’s content and coverage to ensure its equitable representation of the University community. The board serves as a learning and teaching tool for the newsroom. As the primary news source for the University of Minnesota, our commitment is to seeking truth and reporting it, as well as serving our audience by providing them with strong news content. This cannot be achieved without equitable and balanced representation. We believe in taking added steps to ensure this mission is carried out, which included the creation of this advisory board. The board was started in summer 2019.

Newsroom diversity statement

Adequately seeking put and reporting truth is impossible without a commitment to diversity in reporting, editing and sourcing. If coverage lacks diversity of perspective and experience, we are not meeting our mission of fully informing the community.

Diversity is a broad term, but at the baseline, it should encompass diversity of identity, thought and experience.

As an industry, journalism has not historically been diverse. As current students of journalism, it is our responsibility to change that pattern by supporting diversity in our newsroom and community.

First year report:

Our full report from the 2019-20 school year can be found attached in this letter from the Content Diversity Board.

The CDB’s Mission Statement:

The Minnesota Daily’s Content Diversity Board’s mission statement was initially published in a letter from the Content Diversity Board in September 2019.

We acknowledge that journalism cannot function as a truth-teller and watchdog without accurate representation of its communities. Therefore, our role is to support the newsroom’s diversity mission statement and ensure our coverage accurately reflects the diversity of the U’s campus and surrounding communities by:

– Acting as a watchdog for accurate and representative coverage
– Analyzing coverage to provide a radar for diversity issues in reporting and editing
– Providing a space for discussion and debate about ethics and best practices in diverse coverage
– Serving as a bridge between the Minnesota Daily and the campus community

Assembling the board is one of many steps to supporting diversity in coverage. As we develop as a board, we want to keep the line open to community input. Please direct any suggestions or inquiries to [email protected].

Questions about working with reporter? Find our guide here.

Board members:

Vacant – Board Chair

Email: N/A

Nur B. Adam – Newsroom Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

Nur B. Adam is a super-duper senior at the University of Minnesota. She is majoring in journalism and is staff a photographer at the Daily. She is a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Sarcasm and unpopular humor are her things, so you can find her watching “South Park “or “Ramy” on an incognito window during her virtual meetings.

Jasmine Snow — Outreach Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

Jasmine Snow is a second-year at the University of Minnesota, majoring in journalism and American studies. She’s an amateur plant-enthusiast and can be found obsessing over whales, B-rates horror movies, and crossword puzzles in her spare time.

Dylan Miettinen — Office of the Publisher Representative

Email: [email protected]

I am a fourth-year student at the University of Minnesota studying journalism, English and sociology of law, criminology and deviance. In my (relatively limited) free time, I love exploring coffee shops, nerding out about locally sourced prints and art, listening to true crime podcasts and reading literary nonfiction.