The Minnesota Daily


We are currently working on finding a solution to hosting our digital archives online. For now, all of our past publications ranging from January 2013 to present can be found on our Issuu page. To browse by year, click the links below:


More years will be added to the list above as we add them to the Issuu page.

Additional archives can be viewed and accessed at this publicly viewable Dropbox link. We recognize that some of these document scans are imperfect or incomplete; we will be exploring options to make archives more accessible in the future as resources allow. If you are interested in redistribution of Minnesota Daily articles or would like to download whole PDFs, please reach out to Charlie Weaver at [email protected].

If you have an inquiry about past publications dating before January 2013, please email [email protected]. If you are looking for physical archives, they can be found at the Andersen Library on the University of Minnesota campus.