The Minnesota Daily

Day in the Life: April 19, 2019

11:37 p.m.
Dave De Jong and Marie Lundgren holds hands while walking home after a night of board games.

The Multimedia Desk

April 22, 2019


Bikers take on Minnesota winter

Bennett Figueroa pops a wheelie on his bike as he rides down the Dinkytown Greenway on Friday, Feb.1

Will Tooke

February 7, 2019

Residents of Dinkytown block forced to move

Thomas Magnon poses for a portrait on his front porch near Dinkytown on Monday, Feb. 4. Magnon and the other residents of several properties on the 1200 block of 4th Street SE, many of which are students, will be forced to move out on Feb. 28.

Syd Stratman

February 7, 2019

Glass art: local artist fires up scene

David Rocha works on a glass piece on Saturday, Jan. 26 at Legacy Glassworks in Minneapolis. The show brought together artwork from multiple glasswork and graffiti artists in the Twin Cities.

Will Tooke

January 31, 2019

Students navigate diabetes at the U

Senior nursing student Anna Ribbens, who has Type 1 diabetes, poses in her apartment to show her tattoo and insulin pump on Sunday, Dec. 9. 

Syd Stratman

December 10, 2018