Feel free to enlighten me

by Wrenda Temple

I am all for education and listening to opinions, if the statements are credible. So, Alex Pongratz please feel free to enlighten me and give me the credible resources you have used if my answers to my questions are wrong. Who exactly claims that Lord Christopher Monckton is a global warming expert? The company he works for that gets money from ExxonMobile. What is his diploma in again? Journalism. How is that a scientific background? It is not. Was he a science adviser to Margaret Thatcher? No. Would this position make him more credible than Vice President of the United States? Nope. Why does Lord Monckton’s research get the “facts straight”, but Al Gore’s does not? It agreed with what ExxonMobile and apparently CFACT wants: make those crazy liberals trying to “make money off of global warming” look “un-credible”. How does this even get in the Daily? It is controversial. Even if Al Gore’s documentary has graphs and statistics that environmental scientists do not agree with does this mean that global warming is a lie? Is Al Gore the only person that has presented possible effects of global warming? Wrenda Temple Daily reader