Voting ‘no’ gets you nowhere

The editorial âÄúVote âÄònoâÄô on amendmentâÄù that appeared Tuesday, while raising valid concerns about funding for the proposed constitutional amendment, overlooks several key facts. The editorial suggests a constitutional amendment would be wrong and that the decision should be put to the Legislature. The editorial fails to mention that the decision has been put to the Legislature, for the past 10 years in fact, and that the Legislature has done nothing. The Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment puts the power to protect MinnesotaâÄôs natural resources directly in the hands of voters. This year voters have the chance to take charge of protecting their environment. The editorial also stated that, âÄúA constitutional amendment should not be the means to garnering funding as it sets a poor precedent that should be achieved at the capitol.âÄù The editorial does not mention that in 2006 MinnesotaâÄôs constitution was amended to provide more funding for transportation. These are tough economic times, but that does not mean we can ignore the other problems we face. With more than 40 percent of our lakes polluted and acres of land being lost every year, we need to act now. The amendment will actually give the state legislature more flexibility with general funding dollars, as the amendment will place no additional strain on an already burdened budget. For 10 years the Legislature has failed to act and now Minnesotans must take matters into their own hands. So vote âÄúyes.âÄù Yes to protecting our 10,000 lakes, to protecting our lands and the wildlife of which Minnesota is so proud. Vote yes to leaving a legacy that inspires future generations and protect MinnesotaâÄôs natural beauty. Clara Owen University student