Apple to showcase new iPhone within weeks

by Kevin Burbach

Apple will unveil its newest version of the iPhone October 4, according to AllThingsD, the Wall Street Journal tech blog. AllThingsD said the exact date could change before then but for now sources say Apple itself has chosen this date to showcase the new phone. The blog added that the new iPhone, the iPhone 5, could be available to consumers a few weeks after its unveiling.

The event to showcase the new product will be Tim Cook’s, Apple’s newest CEO, “first big product introduction,” AllThingsD reports. Cook took over for former Apple CEO Steve Jobs after Jobs stepped down for medical reasons.

A version of the phone was supposedly found this summer according to CNET, a technology website, at a bar in San Francisco. An incident that oddly mirrors that of the iPhone 4, which was found at a German beer garden in Redwood City, California before its initial unveiling.